The Guitar Recording Kit | UR22C USB 3.0 Audio Interface

If you are asking ‘what do I need to record a guitar with my computer?’, watch this video about the Steinberg Guitar Recording Kit, which comes with everything you need for producing and recording your guitar with your computer, iPad, iPhone or Android device. The guitar recording kit includes the UR22C audio interface, the Line6 Helix Native plug-in, which has a massive array of effects to record a guitar and other instruments or vocals with, a high quality guitar cable and Cubase Artist and Cubasis LE. Both are powerful DAWs with all the tools you need for professional grade guitar recording on computer or mobile device. To start recording a guitar, plug one end of the cable into your guitar and the other into the UR22C USB 3 audio interface, then watch as Dom Sigalas shows you the magic that is possible.

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