Review Of The Focusrite Clarett 8Pre

In this video James takes a look at the new Clarett8 Pre Thunderbolt interface by Focusrite. James records a trio of Guitar, Bass and Drums in a rock style track putting the pre-amps of the Clarett to work with a combination of microphones on drums and guitar and using the instrument DI on the bass track. Designed for the project studio that needs plenty of I/O, Focusrite’s 18-in, 20-out Clarett 8Pre combines eight mic preamps, class-leading digital conversion and extra-low round-trip latency – enabling DAW plugins to be used while monitoring recordings. Clarett’s mic pre offers superbly low noise and distortion, plus the “Air” effect that models the sound of Focusrite’s renowned ISA transformer-based preamps.

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